About Us

Hi all! My name is Cindy Wright. I am the owner, designer, and everything else for Schoolhouse Patterns. Schoolhouse Patterns is a sewing pattern design company dedicated to creating sewing patterns that make pretty, simple, and useful items. I love to sew and love it best when I make something that fills a need. I’m usually not interested in making things that take days (probably why I don’t quilt more), but I like a quick project. I want my patterns to fit that description as well.



So, a little about me and the family. I’m the wife to Jeremy, my best friend, my love, and  mom to 4 teen girls.  We live in a little town west of Indianapolis, Indiana, which we love very much. The girls are actors, writers, dancers and musicians. None of them play sports. Some sew. Some draw. We all love movies, playing games and being with our family. Jeremy is a fabulous husband and dad, youth pastor, drummer and loves his music. He doesn’t sew. I keep threatening to teach him. Sometimes a girl could use a little help.

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